Antivirus Update: Kaspersky Antivirus


Someone said Kaspersky Antivirus is very good, so I installed it. Now I find the default settings do not meet my needs, and I don't know how to configure it, so can you tell me how to configure Kaspersky Antivirus?


  1. Launch the main window of Kaspersky, select the Settings option.

    configure Kaspersky Antivirus

  2. Click Protection, here you can set Enable or Disable protection, and set Password protection.

    Configure Kaspersky Antivirus
  3. In File Anti-Virus, you can select Security level and Action. The default level is appropriate for most users.

    Security level

  4. You can set more detail by click Settings. In General Tab you can set File types and Protection scope.

    General Tab

  5. In Performance Tab, select the Scan mode as you needed. In Additional Tab, select as you needed, I think Smart mode is the best.

    Set Protection

  6. The setting of Web Anti-Virus and Proactive Defense are the same as File Anti-Virus.

  7. Click Scan My Computer, set Scan removable drives as you needed. In Scan tasks quick run you can create shortcut for scan virus.

    Scan My Computer

  8. Next we configure Full Scan. The setting of Quick Scan, Objects Scan and Vulnerability Scan is the same as File Anti-Virus.
    Select Scan all archives and Scan all installation packages will spend more time, so you can deselect them.

    Scan My Computer

  9. In Additional Tab, you can choose Scan methods and Scan technologies.

    Scan My Computer

  10. In Run mode Tab, you can set a schedule for scan.

    Scan My Computer

  11. The default setting is OK about My Update Center option.

    My Update Center

  12. In Options, Enable Self-Defense, it's very useful.

    Set Options

  13. In Threats and exclusions, I think the default setting is OK in Threats option.

    Threats and exclusions

  14. In Trusted applications, you can add Trusted applications to the list.

    Threats and exclusions

  15. In Network, someone may use these functions. You can Monitor all network prots, enable Encrypted connections scan and set Proxy server.

    Set Network

  16. Next click Notifications, if you do not need notice, disable them.


  17. Click Reports and Storages, here you can set the log files, I think it's wasteful to use 1024MB to store log files, 10MB is enough.

    Reports and Storages

  18. Next click Feedback, if you don't agree to participate in Kaspersky Security Network, deselect it.

    Set Feedback

  19. In Appearance, you can set Icon and Skins.

    Set Icon and Skins

  20. I think the Gaming profile is a useful function, you must do not want to be disturbed when you are immersing in the games.

    Gaming profile

  21. At last, you can manage your License by click License in the main interface,
    About Activating the application you can see How to activate and update kaspersky antivirus 2010.

    Manage your License


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